The Black Axe

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Set in 1115, this beautifully illustrated prequel to Fall 1152 & Winter 1152 spins the tale of how the wise oldfur Celanawe (pronounced Khel-eN-Awe) came to own and take up the legendary weapon and the title The Black Axe. The arrival of distant kin takes Celanawe on an adventure that will carry him across the sea and off any mouse-maps into uncharted waters and lands, to the gates of the ferret hall of Ildur, and into the briar of a fearsome predator all while unraveling the legend of Farrer, the blacksmith who forged the mythic axe. This hardcover collection includes an epilogue, pinups, a twenty-two page section of maps, guide pages, and cutaways, as well as reprinting the 2010 Free Comic Book Day story as a prologue to the tale.
Afterword by Monty Python’s Terry Jones.

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Mouse Guard Series Book 3
The Black Axe Hardcover:
ISBN-10: 1936393069
ISBN-13: 978-1936393060
216 pages ~ Published July 2013

2014 Harvey Award Winner:
Best Graphic Album Previously Published – Mouse Guard The Black Axe

“A story of Viking ferrets and Reaver fishers, of heirs and elders, of the death curses of crows and brutal psychological warfare with a fox in a thicket. It is utterly, wonderfully, incredibly awesome.” -Mordicai Knode,

“Mouse Guard: The Black Axe lures us into believing mice fly birds, build ships, and kill foxes. That ferrets live in great halls, that weasels wear skulls, and that mice carouse with the best of them…A wonderful read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.” -Terry Jones, from his Afterword


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